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game-changer for my career."

"His insights and strategies helped me

achieve goals I once thought were impossible."

"The group coaching sessions

with Younis are transformative."

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Ideal for Business leaders, Entrepreneurs & Organizations with the 10X Growth Mindset

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  • 10X Time

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You get to choose what you want to 10X!

THE 10X Solutions

Unlock unparalleled growth with my tailored coaching programs. Choose the coaching program and transform your work & life by 10X. Our Promise Is To Shift Your Mindset From Linear To 10X.

Designed for innovators, founders, CEOs, and corporate leaders. The program includes a 360-degree assessment, defining a personal North Star, creating and implementing a 10X initiative, and ongoing support. This program is ideal for high-level executives and entrepreneurs who prefer a more personalized and intensive coaching experience.

Designed for executive teams and companies that want to harness exponential technologies and methods to innovate faster, adapt to disruption, and unlock 10X potential. Our program empowers teams to collaboratively develop and implement transformative initiatives guided by expert ExO coaches.

Discover the Secrets to Exponential Growth

10x Your Business: The North Star Framework For Exponential Growth

Bonus: Exclusive Access for 10X Coaching Clients

To truly stand out and thrive, businesses must aim for exponential growth. "10x Your Business: The North Star Framework For Exponential Growth" by Younis Hijazi is your definitive guide to unlocking this potential. 

Sign up for Younis Hijazi’s 10X Coaching today and receive exclusive access to the eBook. This eBook will be shared with you as part of the coaching program, providing you with invaluable resources and insights to complement your coaching sessions.


Hi, I'm younis

I am the founder of YouScale, a consulting company based in Luxembourg that I established in 2019 with the global mission to help organizations and individuals succeed in their exponential transformation.

With a scientific and international background, including a PhD in computer science and having lived in 10 countries, I bring a wealth of experience to my work. Prior to starting YouScale, I spent 8 years working in the public sector.

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Global Business Leaders About The 10X Framework

Josef Schucker

CEO of LUQEL Water

"Thank you very much Younis. This was for me a great opening experience. Not to think in a linear way. I now have a much much bigger vision. And how to make it happen. I didn't know before."

Francisco Casanueva

CEO, INTERProtección

"We were in the perfect place to be disrupted but didn't know where to begin. The EXO Sprint was the answer. It was our best investment for moving forward. It shook the organization and completely transformed our culture, breaking down boundaries and opening a whole new world of innovation. Our entire mindset has shifted. It prompted us to make the best of ourselves. All our competitors are wondering what happened."

Elliot C. Willcox

Creative Director, Industry Rockstar

"Younis is a genius at understanding trends in business and technology, with a hands-on approach to translating complex 10x roadmaps into actionable items that rapidly impact revenue. He is also a ‘people’s person’ who instantly creates deep and valuable connections that are essential in successful businesses."

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